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Professional staff

We have a team of healthcare professionals who specialise in paediatrics. We ensure that your child is seen by best specialists.

Health advice

We provide general advise and consultation about your child’s health and well-being. Your child will be seen by knowledgeable and experieced healthcare professionals.

Our services

We provide wide range of services from mobile triage to vital signs checks and many more.

Face to Face appointments

We understand that in a current situation in the country it might be difficult to be seen face to face, se we came up with a service where ever child can be offered a face to face consultation or assessment.


Highly trained medical team in a variety of paediatric roles provide specialised care to children age 0 to 16


Our fundemental values are:
compassion, care, respect, competence, commitment, team work and professionalism. We ensure these values are incorporated into every service we provide


We provide a patient-centered and familly-centered care with an excellent quality of service. We put our patients and their family first in everything we do.


Our staff has experience in variety of healthcare settings including but not limited to children’s emergency department, children’s wards, children’s outpatients/clinics, community, emergency first response, hospice and many more


We provide face to face assessments in your own home with vital signs check and health advice bookable within very short period of time. Our medical team is on standby to ensure your child can be seen as quickly as possible.

Paediatric Telehealth Service is Available

Dedicated paediatric team is available five days a week, 8:00 to 19:00 to provide advice through a videocall.

Our Services

  • Mobile Triage
  • Health Advice

Mobile Triage

Have you had a bad experience waiting long time for your call to be answered when you needed it most? This service provides face to face health assessment at home where qualified nurse will assess your child’s vital signs including chest assessment and redirect you appropriately in a quick and timely manner.

Access this service if:

  • You are not sure what NHS services to access i.e A&E or GP surgery
  • You want your child to be seen urgently at home by a qualified healthcare professional
  • You want to check your child’s vital signs
  • You want your child to be redirected appropriately
  • You want your child to be seen face to face rather than a phone call consultation

* Urinalysis and blood sugar check included in the price if a qualified nurse will deem this test as essential to your child’s triage at home.

* Telephone triage is also available [ introduced as part of our covid-19 secure measures ]

* Triage lasts up to 30 minutes depending on child’s presenting complaint.

Fees: £69.99


Health Advice

Our qualified medical team will come and visit your child at home where you will be able to ask about your child’s general health issues (i.e how to improve child’s immunity, how to manage fever at home etc)

We also provide a paediatric telehealth service where you can book a videocall with one of our member of staff in regards to your child’s health problem.

Fees: £59.99

My heartfelt to all the Cliniq providers who have done the best to cure our son’s ailment. I am extremely happy. That was very thoughtful. Thank You for everything what they did for our baby!
Maggie WarrenGeorge’s Mom
Our family is so thankful for your continued dedication to your patients and our community. You are true heros in our world today. This cash gift will be put to good use right away! I am extremely happy.
Camille VargasEmma’s Mom
Thank you so much for the baby shower money gift. There are still so many important things I need to purchase for the baby's nursery, as well as baby equipment such as a swing and carseat.
Rory BowersFrank’s Dad

Comprehensive Health Assessment Care

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