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Professional staff

We have a team of healthcare professionals who specialise in paediatrics. We ensure that your child is seen by best specialists.

Health advice

We provide general advise and consultation about your child’s health and well-being. Your child will be seen by knowledgeable and experieced healthcare professionals.

Our services

We provide wide range of services from mobile triage to vital signs checks and many more.

Face to Face appointments

Our team is committed to provide best care possible and we know that seeing a healthcare professional face to face significantly improves and influence health assessments and advice given. This is also much safer option compared to those that are done over the phone. Therefore, our team is solely mobile and we see patient in person rather than trying to assess over the phone.

Highly trained medical team in a variety of paediatric roles provide specialised care to children age 0 to 16


Our fundemental values are:
compassion, care, respect, competence, commitment, team work and professionalism. We ensure these values are incorporated into every service we provide


We provide a patient-centered and familly-centered care with an excellent quality of service. We put our patients and their family first in everything we do.


Our staff has experience in variety of healthcare settings including but not limited to children’s emergency department, children’s wards, children’s outpatients/clinics, community, emergency first response, hospice and many more


We provide face to face assessments in your own home with vital signs check and health advice bookable within very short period of time. Our medical team is on standby to ensure your child can be seen as quickly as possible.

Paediatric E-consultation

Dedicated paediatric team is available via an online and secure platform where you can consult with our healthcare professional either through a live chat or a video consultation. (No need for installation or registration). Once you complete your booking we will send you a secure link where you can begin your online appointment.

Our Services

  • Home Triage
  • E-consultation
  • Venepuncture

Home Triage

Home triage or in other words, a rapid face-to-face health assessment is a service where a qualified nurse checks your child’s vital signs (pulse, oxygen, temperature, breathing rate, blood pressure) including chest, ears and throat and redirects you appropriately in a quick and timely manner- *only if your child needs further treatment or investigations.

Access this service if:

– You are not sure what services to access i.e A&E, urgent care, pharmacy, GP surgery
– You want your child to be seen urgently at home by a qualified healthcare professional
– You want to check your child’s basic observations (breathing rate, pulse, oxygen, temperature) for peace of mind
– You don’t want to take your child anywhere but rather look for advice on how to look after them at home
– You want your child to be redirected appropriately
– You want your child to be seen face-to-face rather than through a phone call consultation

Things we can do at home on triage:

– Chest auscultation
– Ears and throat check
– Urine check
– Blood sugar check
– ECG (printouts available)
– Nebulisation (Saline)
– Oxygen delivery and/or suction (in an emergency)
– Simple wound dressings (including burns)
– Limb injuries (pulled elbow, mallet finger, sprains etc.)
– Lacerations and cuts due to head injuries or anything else
– CPR (in emergency)
– Nasogastric tube insertion
– And many more

Triage lasts up to 60 minutes, depending on the child’s presenting complaint.

*Please note we cannot prescribe medications at this time*


Our qualified medical team will connect with you via a secure online platform where you can discuss your concerns and ask any questions you might have.


We also offer venepuncture (blood taking) for adults and children with a private nurse. If you purchased a blood test online and require a healthcare professional to do it, we are more than happy to assist you.

Please note that we will only take blood if you have a full kit sent from the provider you ordered your blood test. That includes: bottles, a sterile kit, needles, vacuum tubes and so on

From time to time, unexpected things happen. We might be unable to take blood from children who:

– Have difficult veins to access – who are too distressed
– Who are dehydrated and their veins collapsed
– Your child’s veins are not visible on the surface of the skin
– Have difficult veins to access

We offer a full refund if a nurse we sent is unable to do the blood test for any of the above reasons.

We take safety precautions and infection control very seriously, our team will ensure everything is as sterile as possible in the comfort of your own home
Thank you so much for looking after my baby boy if not you I wouldn’t know where to go with his problem. Thank you for reassurance I needed it more than anything. Very caring and competent nurse. I’d recommend without a doubt. We’ll be using your services in future”.
Emma 29
Such a great nurse! I thought that I’d need to go to A&E with my daughter but actually with a bit of advice and reassurance we could stay warm and comfortable at home. All the best for the future, you are amazing
Kristina 31
Such a great service. I normally have an issue with taking my child outside of the house as he is autistic but thanks to this new service I can see a nurse at home! I could not be any happier. I would be using this service again. Also my son loves the lady who came to visit, she is not only a very competent nurse but also so good with my son and very approachable. Definitely a happy customer
Yvonne 35

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