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Professional staff

We have a team of healthcare professionals who specialise in paediatrics. We ensure that your child is seen by best specialists.

Health advice

We provide general advise and consultation about your child’s health and well-being. Your child will be seen by knowledgeable and experieced healthcare professionals.

Our services

We provide wide range of services from mobile triage to vital signs checks and many more.

Face to Face appointments

Our team is committed to provide best care possible and we know that seeing a healthcare professional face to face significantly improves and influence health assessments and advice given. This is also much safer option compared to those that are done over the phone. Therefore, our team is solely mobile and we see patient in person rather than trying to assess over the phone.

Common Questions

1. What is a triage and what happens during triage?

Triage is a rapid health assessment normally seen within A&E departments where triaging nurse identifies the acuity of the presenting complaint and handovers to another team for further investigations and/or treatment.

During triage parents are asked about child’s medical history, regular medications, recent illnesses, allergies and so on. They then move onto vital signs check where pulse, breathing rate including chest assessment, temperature, oxygen levels are checked. On occasion nurse might want to check urine, blood pressure or/and blood sugar levels depending on what are the presenting symptoms.

On the basis of gathered data from the visit a healthcare professional will make a decision to either redirect to appropriate service for further investigations or immediate treatment or will give an advise on how to look after your child at home without accessing any further healthcare services.

Places you can be redirected to with your child are:
– GPs
– Hospitals
– Urgent Care Centres
– Pharmacy
– Children’s Centres

GP referral letters will be available if your child is redirected to the GP service.

Triage slip will be given out to you after the visit with vital signs results and any other findings to assist you with accessing further help if needed or keep a copy at home for your own records.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a 999 response for any life threatening emergencies call 999 and ask for an ambulance.

Although, we carry an emergency grab bag in case something unexpected happens during the visit we should not be alternative to an ambulance response.

Dial 999 now if your child:
– is not breathing or struggles to breathe
– is not responding to you
– skin looks blue/ purple in colour and has breathing difficulty
– has a seizure
– has an asthma attack
– any other concerns that you think needs an immediate intervention

2. Who will come to assess my child?

A specialist children’s triage nurse with years of experience in children’s A&E departments, neonatal unit, maternity, community first response and children’s wards

Our speciality is paediatrics we only take on board healthcare professionals who specialise in this area.

3. How long will each service last?

We provide high quality services from mobile triage to paediatric blood tests at home. Refer to “our services” section to find out more.

• Face to Face triage at home will last up to 1 hour
• Venepuncture at home will last up to 30 minutes
• General health and well being advice will last up to 1 hour

4. Are you covid-19 and infection control secure?

Yes, we take safety of our patients very seriously and we have full PPE if needed for those who are +ve at home and basic PPE for everyone else.

Basic PPE would be minimum of surgical mask, gloves and apron.

We carry sanitising gels in our cars and our pockets, so that we reduce the spread of germs between patients. Our PPE is changed after each visit.

5. Is your service a 999 response?

No, please refer to Q1 for more info

6. Are your services covered by a private healthcare?

Not at the moment but we are working on it. We would like to work in partnership with other healthcare providers as soon as we can. Bear with us

7. Do you provide any documentation following the visit?

Yes, we provide triage slips, GP letters, advice leaflets and so on.

8. What is your average response time?

Your child is our priority we aim to respond to you at the exact time as your slot is booked, so there are no delays in assessment.

You can chat to one of our customer service assistants online between the hours of 9:00 and 17:00 just click on the icon at the bottom of the screen.

Or you can e-mail us on: [email protected]

We are also on fb and ig

9. Are your staff DBS checked?

Yes, everyone has an enhanced, full DBS check

10. How do I make a complaint?

We are very sorry to hear you had a bad experience with our service/team. If you would like to make a complaint just fill out our “send us a message” form under contact us tab.

We will respond to your complaint within 14 working days.

We are proud in providing highest standard of care for our patients and best service to parents and carers, if you think we need improvement or you have a suggestion, praise or a comment please also use our “send us a message” form. In this way we can reflect on, analyse and evaluate on customer feedbacks which help us improve for future.